Building a Home

We created you in our dreams. We drew you on 3 pages of lined paper. “Wouldn’t it be great if we had a home that had….this and that?” we would say out loud as our visions started to come together.
A designer just put you on paper for a first draft and now we can see you more clearly. Imagine you better. We can picture ourselves resting in the peace and comfort that your walls will hold. We are creating you and we will build you. You will safely harbor our family one day soon.
We will make memories in you. Laugh in you. Love in you. Cry in you. Grow old together in you.
I picture us in 20 years sitting on our rocking chairs out by the water as we watch those we love laugh and enjoy each other.
Our dreams, put on paper. Our lives, intersecting. Our contemplations, actualized. Our ideas, coming to fruition. Our hard work, rewarded.
Our house, a home.
First floor of future Fassler home – first draft Feb 2021

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