It is Very Good, It Isn’t Perfect.

Even God isn’t a perfectionist. It was very good, He said, when He made the world. It ain’t perfect.
So why do we try to be? Why do we let our pursuit of perfection ruin us from becoming the best versions of ourselves right now?
Is the frozen pizza thrown in the oven with great company better than the fancy dinner we never cooked for him at all?
The 30 minute workout better than the 1 hour workout we could not do?
The simple gesture of love better than buying the gift you never got?
The 5 lbs lost better than the 20 you didn’t?
Walls up and masks on, we lie to each other about our deficiencies. We are in pursuit of perfection in everything that we do so much that we forget how sweet it is to go just go with whatcha got. To enjoy right now and stop only accepting the latter of the above questions. 
I only want to make a fancy dinner, so I will invite him next week instead of tonight.
I will be happy when I lose 20, so I won’t celebrate my 5 and give up.
I can’t work out for an hour today, so I won’t bother.
You get it.
Or how we want everyone to think that we lead these perfect lives….man, is that a lot of work!
We are perfect! Nothing wrong here to see. Keep moving on…don’t get too close though.

So why don’t more of us tear down these walls? Or better yet, why do we build them to begin with? Be real. Be vulerable. Be very good, not perfect! 
I think that we believe we can’t be truly loved unless we are perfect (or appear to be). So we hide the stuff that made us…well….us. That makes no sense people!
Peace isn’t going to come from having to keep your walls up and your mask on everyday. Peace is going to come when you strip off the bullshit tightly-wrapped sheathing that you have all around you. It’s is about coming out, arms out and head held high as you cry, “This is me! All of me! The good and bad parts (and the parts that I am ashamed of!) This is who I really am and God loves me this way and so do I. I am no longer worried about what anyone else thinks because I know I am good (enough).”
Not perfect.

The only one perfect is Lord who made you. 
A perfect situation would have had me having 4 bedrooms, but we chose very good with one 🙂

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