I HAVE to…blah blah blah

I have to work out. I have to go to work. I have to go grocery shopping. I have to go see my parents. I have to stay home all week because of the weather.
Guess what? You don’t HAVE to do anything. You GET to.
I get to work out… What a blessing it is that I am able to do this.
I get to go to work today! Thank you Jesus!
I’m lucky I live in a place that has such a stellar grocery store. Thank God we have H‑E‑B.
I get to go see my parents this weekend… I’m so grateful they’re alive.
I get to stay home and provide shelter and warmth to those who needed me. Thank you for giving me the much needed down time with my family. It was awesome!!
See the difference? It changes your mindset a bit, doesn’t it? Especially during this past week when our most basic and simple freedoms were taken away. Having an attitude of gratitude sure does make life a lot more pleasant doesn’t it?
If we learn anything from this past week (besides the fact that we should absolutely be more prepared just in case of emergency), let it be appreciation and gratitude for the things in life that we take most for granted. 
This blessed life that we live is a privilege  and we really don’t have to do a dang thing. We GET to.
Now, go enjoy-
We got to put together puzzles all week 🙂

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