Let ME-GO, Ego!

There is no “good” or “bad” things that happen to you. They are all things and they have a purpose. They are here to help you learn and grow and teach you that you have the ability to react and respond in any way you choose. That is your human superpower. You need to tap into it. Your ego is your kryptonite.
Your choice…your power…is your response to such things. We all have that choice – How will you respond to what comes your way?
Do you want to feed the dark or feed the light? When you react to “things” with negativity, fear, anger, angst or victimhood, you make the dark even darker. When you accept and react to the darkness with light, the darkness becomes light. It is that simple.
You choose your reaction and response and you have the power to create a new future. You must embrace the unknown with the knowledge that you are truly capable of handling everything that comes your way…if you change your mindset. When you get rid of the expected reactions that have been ingrained into you since childhood, you understand that you don’t have to feel fear, intrepidation etc. and you are fully capable of letting go what you think you know so that you can expand. That is how you grow.
What is the purpose of your suffering? Why is this happening to you?
It is all ego and your ego really has a hard time not being the center of attention. You are not your ego. Te ego can be a real ass. You have to stop giving your superpower way to your ego. When you realize that you are indeed separate from your ego, your superpower grows exponentially. You can choose your responses. It is how God designed all of us. His grand design. Humans have a choice. 
To love or not.
To accept or reject.
To be in darkness or light.
Which will you choose?

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