If I Only Had a Year…

Why do we waste so much time doing stupid shit? The things that don’t matter. Most of us do. Admit it.
We waste time on grudges. Social media. Working too much. Being unforgiving. Judgment. Comparison. Anger. Envy. Watching too much TV.  I could go on and on. Escaping the beautiful world that God had intended for us.
I recently did a writing exercise that brought my weak spots to the forefront in my life’s priorities. To follow are my answers to three questions. You only get 3 minutes to write out each answer. Your answer (I am sure it will be different than mine). Take some time and write your own answers to these questions…they are powerful. When we are confronted with death, we appreciate what is beautiful about life.
Question 1: If I had one year to live, how would I spend my time?
I would probably not work…that’s for sure. I would take the time and spend it with those that I love. Everyone would get ALL of me. Undistracted me. There would be no, “I love you” left unsaid. I would travel with my loved ones and we would explore this beautiful earth together. I would feel the warmth of the sun on my face as I looked up into the sky and smiled. I would probably do that part every day because it is one of my favorite feelings. We would talk a lot. Laugh a lot. Sit in silence a lot. My final year would be a year filled with meaningful relationships, love, deep gratitude and lots and lots of snuggles and hugs.
Question 2: If I had a week to live, how would I spend that time?
I would rent a huge mansion in the mountains. Hopefully it will be summertime LOL. Otherwise, it will be a home on the beach somewhere warm. I would invite my loved ones to just come and stay there and say their final goodbyes to me. My time would be spent mostly with my Michael. He would get the most of me. We would laugh and talk and just like the first question, nothing would be left unsaid. You would most definitely know that I loved you cause I would say it over and over again.

Question 3: If I had 20 minutes to live, how would I spend that time?
I would spend it in the arms of my sweet Michael. Laying on his chest with him stroking my hair. We would be laughing together, loving on each other, praying together. Holding onto each other. There would be lots of kisses. We would be wrapped around each other so tight as we said our final goodbye. For now. Until we met in heaven.

You can certainly tell what is truly important. It is a great reminder to all of us to stop wasting our valuable time on things that really don’t matter. 
Love others like its your last year on earth.
Spend your time wisely.
Appreciate your gifts while you can.
Give of yourself freely and without distraction.
Focus on the relationships you have and see the joy they bring when you give them all of you.
Be grateful for this beautiful life that you were blessed with.
Take that vacation.
Put down that damn phone.
Look up to the sky and smile…cause you get it.
Now go do it.


Thank you so much for reading today. I hope that I made you smile and think a little bit. Be sure to check out my Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher —- Jen’s 10 G’s

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