When I can’t sleep…

I am having one of those rare nights where I can’t sleep. It happens sometimes where my mind just won’t shut off regardless of how much melatonin I popped or how many sleep stories and meditations I listen to. Nothing I can do about it, so I just get up and make myself some coffee and start to listen to what my mind wants me to think about.
What comes to my mind? Gratitude.
Right now I am smiling, ’cause I am like, “Who thinks of these things at 2am?” I guess I do.
My God, I have so much to be grateful for. Right now, my father and step-mom are here visiting from Buffalo and we have been able to spend so much (needed) time together. I have a husband that loves the heck out of me. I have 3 out of my 4 doggies right here next to me, snuggling. My home is safe, secure and peaceful. I have 2 step-kiddos who I love. A wonderful career. A fantastic team. My health is good. Great friends. A fabulous and funny mother. An awesome brother. Healthy relationships. Good balance. Lots of laughs. A great cup of coffee. Life is good. Really, really good. Thank you, Jesus.
The things that I listed out are not to brag, it is just the stuff that I am thankful for. Everyone will have a different list. Thinking about gratitude when I can’t sleep sure beats the alternative – me getting aggravated that I can’t sleep. That is the usual reaction that I would think that most people would have. I’ve had those thoughts, but then they have contributed to souring my day. So this early morning, I choose to look at the good.
Wherever you are or whenever you read this…next time you can’t sleep, think of the many good things in your life and then it won’t be so bad.
Cheers! Jen
Dad and Sandy 2021

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