He, We, Me

He, we, me. Three little words with profound meaning when put into the right context.
The quality of our life is determined in a large part by the quality of our relationships. Who you hang out with, is who you become. What does your relationship assortment say about you? 
He: First and foremost, God needs to be the primary relationship in your life. His word means more than any other word and what His will is for your life should have more potency over any other influence around you. He commands us to, “Love the Lord with all of your heart and with all of your soul and all of your mind.” That is actually the greatest commandment.
When you put God first, you begin to want to emulate His qualities. His good influence rubs off on you. Love, grace, patience, kindness, protection, trust, hope…you get the idea. You will be a better person in every way because you have the greatest mentor that ever existed.
When you understand and acknowledge that everything comes from God, you will “get it!” Take God on as your partner in everything that you do and you will flourish.
We: Selfishness, self-centeredness and pridefulness dissipate when you have the acute understanding that it ain’t all about you. It is not “me” it is “we.” Your family should come second in your relationship mix. Be forgiving. Spend time. Encourage. Love. Put energy into these very special relationships. Give and receive wisdom from these important people in your life.
Me: In third place is you. Your career. Your own self-interests. No more “me, me, me.” If you truly put God first and then your family second, you will probably find that you are doing pretty darn great and most other things really won’t matter to you like they once did.
So maybe it is time to change things around a bit. Reorganize your friends list. Really think about your current relational priorities and see if they match up with what God intends them to be.
Priorities are what we make them. It is up to us. We have free will. When you make the “He, we, me” concept the primary importance in your life, things will fall into place.
Just wait and see.

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