Dream a Little Dream

I like to walk in the morning while it is still dark. I can see the twinkling stars and the moon before its light dims. It is so quiet and calm at that time. I am usually the only one out there, so I like to walk right in the middle of the street so that I can look up without fear of running into something as I walk!
I pray, I listen to Audible or a meditation and sometimes I dare to dream about the future.
I used the word “dare” for a reason. Yesterday, I found myself dreaming about the success of my book. I envisioned myself talking on a stage at a large church about God and overcoming. I could picture every part of it. I could see the audience and the smiles on their faces. The lights as they hit me. My book was a best seller and it helped so many. People loved it. It is like I was there.
While I was in the middle of this fabulous daydream, I abruptly stopped myself. Negative thoughts started to seep into my head. “That will never happen” is what I heard. “Stop dreaming of impossible things.” I was poo-pooing my own dang dreams! What the heck??
But that is what we do, right? I know that I can’t be the only one. Whenever something is going great, our minds automatically go into the negative. How dare we be happy! How dare we dream! 
When I figured out what was happening, I stopped it. I gave myself permission to continue on with my dream. Soon, a smile came to my face once again. I am going to continue to dream, dammit.
Why couldn’t all of that happen? Why do we do that to ourselves or to others that share their dreams? Are we afraid to share them because they might seem silly or impossible? Maybe people will make fun of us. We have to stop! Dreaming is good. No, dreaming is freakin’ fantastic! We should all dream. Without holding back. Without fear.

You see, dreaming is a good thing. Let your mind wander. Let your heart go wild. Dreams do come true. I believe that what we put out there into the universe, can happen, if we let it.
So when you get “that feeling” of dread, “too good to be true” or negativity that comes when you are feeling joy, happy or dreaming – know that these thoughts are not from God. It is quite the opposite.

Thank you so much for reading today. I hope that I made you smile and think a little bit. To reach me, visit SALending.com

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