Is Silence Really a Virtue?

Keep talkin’

Sometimes I look at other couples that have been together for some time and I wonder if I, too, will run out of things to say.
Side note: My husband says that is impossible for this to happen to us because of my love of such novelties as Question Cubes or conversation cards that I bring with me when I am in circumstances of parties or meetings. I keep the conversations going at tables with my endless amounts of thought provoking questions. It keeps us from talking about work all of the time and it helps to really get to know people. You should try buying some!!
It makes me sad to witness two people who have completely stopped communicating with each other. Nothing more to say because it has already been said? Maybe.
We were with a couple recently who hardly spoke to each other, but did plenty of talking to us individually. It felt so strange because I could see the starvation in both of their eyes…hers was to be loved and heard. His was to be respected and understood. Both reaching out to someone else instead of turning to each other.
Or when I see two people at a restaurant or somewhere and they are just sitting there, staring out into space or blankly at each other. No emotion, but you could cut the tension with a knife. No smiles, no laughs, no talking…painfully obvious that they cannot wait until that moment is over. Torture. I wonder why they even went out to eat in the first place. Maybe it was better than sitting at home staring at the wall and not talking to each other. I don’t know.
When I see couples both on their phones, scrolling and looking at everyone else’s lives instead of focusing on the one who is right there in front of them, it makes me want to sit down next to them, take their phones and throw them in the garbage…and then leave. I bet that would wake them up!
Why does this happen? What went wrong? When did they run out of things to say?
Maybe it just became easier to say nothing at all.
I am sure that no one actually plans on stopping communicating with the one they love (or once loved in some cases). However, I do know that it is a choice. One that can be easily changed, even if it is one word at a time.
When you are with someone, BE with them. Give them attention and love and you will be surprised how the words will flow once again.

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