Muffin’s Last Bath

Her last “walk”

Her first day with me!


Muffy on the day I got her!

Last night, I gave Muffy her last bath. Usually, she loves baths and wags her tail the whole time. Last night was different. She could not even stand on her own.
About 7 years ago, I adopted this precious doggy. Really, it was more like she adopted me. This dog has brought so much joy to myself and everyone she met along the way.
I’ll never forget the day my friend, Patty, texted me a picture of her with the caption, “You are getting this dog!” and the day that Mary and Patty brought her to my house. It was when my ankles were broken so I had my casts on and was “stuck” at home. When they brought Muffin in (her original name was Midget, but I couldn’t bring myself to keep calling her that), my heart melted and it was love at first sight for the both of us. She got along with the other dogs just like she had been raised with them her whole life. 
Muffy was the boss though and the other dogs knew this. She made it perfectly clear. We knew it too. What Muffin wants, Muffin gets. That is just the way it goes. She wants water, she lets you know. She wants up on the couch, oh, you know it. When she wants to get petted, there was no mistaking that you were to drop everything and pet her. Ironically, this alpha weighs less than 5 pounds. She acted like she was a St. Bernard though with her attitude. She was so dang cute though, no one ever minded heeding to her demands.
Muffin is the dog that gets noticed by everyone she meets because she is so adorable, you can’t help but want to love her and pet her and smile. Everywhere I have taken her and everyone she has met agrees that she is possibly the cutest doggy ever. Her demeanor brings an instant calm to anyone who has had the opportunity to pet her.
The vet thinks that she was about 11 when I got her. I’ve had 7 years of joy with this precious animal. Now, she lays next to me and I know that it is coming time. Her life is coming to an end. Most of me doesn’t want to believe that this day is here. My heart knows though.
I can see it in her eyes. She is ready. She has stopped eating. Her breathing has become labored. She is tired. I don’t want to face what I know needs to happen. I don’t want Muffy to go.
I am sitting here, crying right now. Part of me so grateful for the 7 years that I have had, the other selfish part that doesn’t want to feel the humongous void that not having her with me will bring. Oh how I love this dog so very much.
Bella, who has been her bestest doggy buddy, knows something is wrong. She won’t leave Muffin’s side. Such a beautiful relationship they’ve had.
Every once in a while, she picks up her head and look at me and then rests it back on her paws. It is like she is telling me, “It is going to be ok, mom, I promise.”
Thank you for 7 years of laughter, love and joy my precious, precious doggy. I love you.
I’m glad I got to hold you as you took your last breath on this earth. You will be missed, my sweet sweet doggy.

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