Ugly Trees

This pic has nothing to do with my post! HA This is my mom’s new adorable dog, Blue.
 I mean, come on, who doesn’t like puppy pictures??
I had a rough week this past week. It has been very stressful and especially full of fires, which have been difficult to put out. I’ve been tired and feeling defeated. I even cried a time or two. Being transparent here. Yes, I cry, too (when I get home). Sometimes, the pressure just gets to me. I have a hard time letting people down. I take it personally and will fight for people passionately even when it is to my detriment when it is something I believe in.
It was easy to focus on all of the “ugly trees” that stood in my way, and dang it, there were some ugly ones this week. I wanted them to get the heck out of my way so that I could go about my journey through the week. Was that too much to ask? So many obstacles, “Why God?” I kept on asking over and over. “What is the purpose for all of this hardship? First, my dog passed and now all of these arrows are coming my way and they are all hitting me! What the heck?” I needed to take some of my own advice and see that the current storm that I was going through is pruning me. Something better is coming. I am being prepared for change, even though it hurts right now.
If you focus on the ugly trees, you can’t step back and see the beautiful forest. That’s why. Back up! See what I’m doing for you. It’s gonna be awesome.

I decided to just put my trust in Him completely and stop questioning. He knows so much better than I do. I just need to continue to hold God’s hand and be prepared to let go of everything else. Hold everything loosely except for Him. Trust that there is a greater and better purpose in all of this temporary suffering. ‘Cause there is. Now that I have calmed down, I can feel it. 
Peace is over me. In me. 
Deep breath in…deep breath out. 
To those of you who are reading this, know that you are never alone with your struggles. God is right there next to you, squeezing your hand. I know that the first reaction would be to whip your hand out of His and be petulant like a spoiled child. That’s what the enemy wants us to do.
We don’t want to listen to him though.
Whatever it is you are going through, keep that hand stretched out and know that your Father is right next to you. Don’t look at those ugly trees so closely! Ain’t nothing pretty when it is magnified (trust me on this!! LOL) Take a step back, a deep breath in and take comfort that your Dad – He’s got you!

Thank you so much for reading today. I hope that I made you smile and think a little bit. To reach me, visit

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