Gut Feelings

This is what happens when you don’t listen!

You would think that out of all the people, I would surely know by now. 
When there are constant roadblocks from every angle, it is not something that I should do. I have learned this lesson over and over and now over once again.
Whenever I have tried to “force” something to happen in my life (like where I am going to work or a house I am wanting to buy) – something that I want, or think I want or that I believe that is a good idea – but God thinks not, He is always right.
He sends me roadblock after roadblock and that darn feeling that I get in the pit of my stomach. Those are my red flags and they always siren loudly. He does it every single time, yet sometimes I still choose not to listen.
When I don’t? Disaster.
Intuition is a powerful thing. I always tell people that it is how God talks to me and gives me insight. Still, sometimes I don’t listen because I must feel like I know better or something.
Even if something looks great on paper. The data, the numbers, the promises…if you still get “that feeling” in the pit of your stomach that there is something wrong, it should not be ignored.
If, at every turn, there is a complication that pops up that should not normally be a snag, listen to your gut. Stop forcing the issue. It is time to move on.
Whether it be alarm bells ringing or a twinge of hesitation, you should listen to it. Give things a second thought and get down to the bottom of what is causing this feeling. I’ll bet you that it is God trying to tell you to walk or RUN AWAY! So listen.

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