Settling for Crumbs

This past weekend, I heated up some chicken and decided to feed it to the dogs for dinner. I knew that they could sense my intentions, as all three of them proceeded to sit down and stare at me and act like little angels. 3 dogs in a row.
I cut the chicken up into a bunch of pieces and starting to feed the girls. I took turns with them, feeding them one by one. They would scarf it down and then patiently wait for the their turn once again.
Now, occasionally, I would drop a tiny piece of chicken on the floor and Sadie would stop and frantically search for the tiny piece that fell on the floor…so much so that she would miss “her turn” in the chicken line. She kept on doing it over and over again while the other 2 dogs weren’t phased. They didn’t care one bit about the tiny crumbs that kept on falling because they knew something better was coming and they were willing to wait for it. They didn’t budge and just sat there wagging their tails while looking up at me. Waiting for the good stuff.
Without even realizing it, I kept on saying “Sadie, don’t worry about those junk pieces, I have something better for you!” Over and over again. She didn’t listen. Probably because she doesn’t understand complex English. But I digress…
I bet though, that God wants to shout down to us the same phrase, “I have something so much better for you!! You just have to wait. Give up what you have now and don’t settle for those crumbs.”
It dawned on me:  This is what people do. They settle for the crumbs. The mediocrity. 
We settle for what is “good enough” instead for what is great because we don’t want to wait and put forth the effort for it.
We need to remember that “the crumbs” – those are easy, but when you are constantly going after crumbs, you never get the meat – the really good stuff. You can choose to live in either world. It is up to you.
God gives us the good stuff while the devil gives us crumbs. 

Thank you so much for reading today. I hope that I made you smile and think a little bit. To reach me, visit

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