Stem Cells – They Did My Body Good

Putting the stemmies in!!

A year ago, Mike, his parents and I travelled to San Diego and then later to Tijuana, Mexico for stem cells for me.


A year ago, I could not take 10 steps without wildly being out of breath. I could not talk a full sentence without gasping. I could not function or live a “normal” life because I simply could not breathe. 


A year ago, my lungs were so damaged from my clots, that the doctors gave me little hope for recovery, but gave me a death sentence instead.


I remember getting down to San Diego and attempting to walk around. I got so tired after just a few blocks that I could not go on. I remember praying to God that my treatment works…


On the “stem cell” day, someone from the doctor’s office came and picked up my father in law and I and we drove into Tijuana, Mexico to the R3 Stem Cell Clinic in the downtown area. It was clean and everyone was nice. There were people from all over the country there, hoping for the miracle that these tiny cells could bring. It was basically all of our “last shots” if that makes sense.


I got an IV bag of high dose vitamins first while my stem cells defrosted. They had just been flown in from Mexico City that morning. Once that was done, they administered 50 Million MSC (Mesenchymal stem cells) through an IV into my arm.  It took about 20 minutes. I was left with the orders of not doing anything toxic to my body (like alcohol) for 3 weeks while they worked. They then drove me back to the hotel and the waiting time began. I was excited and nervous, hopeful and also scared. What if it didn’t work?


When we got back home, I tried to continue on the best that I could…while hoping and praying so hard for a miracle.


About 12 days later, I walked up the stairs and noticed something…I was NOT out of breath!! Right then and there, I decided that I was going to hop on my Peloton…ya know, just to see.


You guessed it!! I did a 20 minute ride and it was like nothing had ever happened to me. I was “normal.” I cried. It still makes me tear up even now because I am so grateful for my life. To think about where I would be now if I had not gotten them. How tragic that would have been.


A few months ago, I got a right heart cath and not only was my blood pressure between my heart and lungs good, it was better than good. I was at an athlete level. I will never forget talking to the doctor as instrument was in my heart and him saying, “Wow! This is the most boring heart cath that I have ever done. You are in great shape here, Jennifer.” Well, I like boring when it comes to my medical results!! Just sayin’.


Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for the miracle that happened in my body. Complete healing. Restoration. Renewal. The results weren’t just physical, they were spiritual too. Michael reminds me a lot that is his favorite day so far, was when the doctors told me that I didn’t have Pulmonary Hypertension. We joke around a lot about that being his favorite day versus, like, when we got married or something like that. He still says that this day was better because he knew I would be around for a long time.


I am a walking testimony that stem cells can work. People think I am crazy for going down to Mexico to get them. The truth is, you cannot get what I had here in the USA because all of our red tape. I am forever grateful to my friend that did a lot of research for me ahead of time to help find the right place to go.


I am grateful to God for His hand in my guidance and healing. I am happy that I get to stick around for a while longer. I feel like God’s got great plans for me still.







Thank you so much for reading today. I hope that I made you smile and think a little bit. To reach me, visit

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