One day I Will Miss the Towels on the Floor, the Water Spots on the Mirror and Your Horrible Morning Breath in My Face

The “stuff” that matters. Love.

Anyone who is married can understand that there will come a point in time when the little idiosyncrasies that you spouse has…well, will annoy you a bit. It is ok to admit it.
Yesterday, while I was picking up the towel that Mike forgot on the floor and after I cleaned the bathroom mirror speckled with a thousand water spots for the 2nd time of the day, I found myself a little put off.
As I was grumbling to myself, God smacked me on the side of the head. I had the overwhelming thought that I would surely miss all of these things if he weren’t around. I would miss the occasional towel on the floor, the water spots on the mirror and the horrible morning breath. I would long for them, actually. Crave them. I surely would. I am lucky – SO lucky – to have a man that loves me like he does.
They all mean that my true love is with me. Healthy and alive.
I will bet you that there are millions of widows and widowers who would give ANYTHING to be able to wake up to those things that once annoyed them a bit about the one they loved.
Suddenly, my tasks no longer were a burden. I smiled and then wiped down the mirror again. Then I ran to my husband and gave him a hug.
That is my lesson of the day!

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