Self Worth

We see ourselves as broken. Not good enough. Too tired or too fat. Too skinny or not smart enough. Unforgivable. Too much baggage. We think that someone can’t possibly love us because of….whatever! 
So what do we do?
We settle.
We settle for the mundane job…the unfulfilling and not-so-right relationship. We acquiesce in mediocrity and never strive for what God has truly planned for our lives because we don’t believe our own worth. He tells us over and over how valuable we are, yet we don’t trust Him enough to act like it.
When you take pride in yourself and embrace the esteem that God wants you to have, magic happens.
You stop settling. You wait for the better opportunity. You work for it because you know it will be worth it. You won’t tolerate the boyfriend or girlfriend that doesn’t treat you like they should. You will stand taller and hold your head up higher.
Extraordinary things will start to happen…things that you never thought were possible. Life changes when you know your self-worth. You will realize that the dreams that you relegated to just “being dreams” can actually come true. They have always been possible, but just sat there waiting for you to realize them. 
We were born sons and daughters of the Most High. It is an exceptional waste of our lives when we don’t use the gifts that God gave us because we didn’t trust Him enough to realize our own worth.

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