Want to succeed in business? Show some class.

I saw this meme a few days go and saved it, like I do to many that speak to me in one way or the other. When I read it, it made me laugh because this is something I talk about a lot. Someone’s gotta say it.
Where did our “class” go?
In that same feed, picture after picture, I saw “real life” versions of this meme. So many women just putting it all out there who are also in the same feed trying to portray themselves as professionals. When did this become OK? 
I get it – sex sells. When we post pictures of ourself like this one, what exactly are we selling anyway? Do we want someone to come do business with us because of our cleavage or because we actually know what we are doing? 
As women, when we dress this way and act like this way it takes away legitimacy of whatever profession we are in. There’s a lot of people who may not like that statement, but dang it, it is true.
We confuse attractiveness with sexiness. They are not the same. We think that less will bring us more…but in reality, the only thing we are getting more of is people shaking their heads at our hypocrisy. We can’t be showing off our boobies so blatantly and then in the same sentence tell people to “take me seriously.” It doesn’t work that way. 
Our overall appearance, confidence, mannerisms and how we carry ourselves give impressions to others. We are a walking brand of ourselves and there is only one opportunity to give a great first impression. Remember that.
Elegance and class – THOSE are the qualities that we should emulate. 

Thank you so much for reading today. I hope that I made you smile and think a little bit. To reach me, visit SALending.com

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