Doubt and Trust

We have these 2 sculptures in our house that we picked up in Jerome, AZ that were made by a Christian artist. The second I saw them, I fell in love with what they represented.
The first one is of a man sitting a huge rock. He is blindfolded and holding a large rock in his hand. His face looks defeated, scared and unsure. His is Doubt.
The other one is of a woman who is standing on a huge rock of her own and she is on the edge of it with one foot up as if she is about to walk off of it. She is also blindfolded and she is standing with her arms wide open about to take that step and the expression on her face is that of assurance. Despite the fact that she is about to walk into the unknown next scary step, she gives me the impression that she believes that she will be ok. She is Trust.
I am sitting here looking at them and it makes me think about how these cool sculptures are such a great depiction of what life is like with and without God. 
Doubt makes you question everything and focus on nothing. Nothing has meaning when all you do is doubt. What’s the point? Doubt paralyzes you and it stops you from living the life you were meant to live.
Doubt robs you or joy, hope and confidence and it introduces fear, worry and uncertainty. Doubt makes us pessimistic about what is to come. Doubt is a real douchebag.
Now Trust on the other hand….Trust is incredible and extraordinary. It has you walking with your head held high because you know that God’s got you. It is the realization that He will lead you and He will be with you always. Sure, taking that step off into uncertainty is scary, but you do it anyway. ‘Cause you know. Resilience, balance and sustenance pour into you when you trust. You know that no matter how much you don’t understand whatever may be in front of you, that God will lead you on the right path. He has great plans for your life… plans for prosperity and a bright future that we could not ever imagine for ourselves.
Trust is knowing that God will comfort us and sustain us. God will give us peace – perfect peace – confidence, joy and protection…when you TRUST Him to do so.
Which statue resonates with you more? Which life do you want to live?

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