Second Wind

Whenever I start to hike, roughly for the first half of it, I kind of drag ass. I know…SHOCKING for someone who loves to hike so much! I don’t know why this happens, it is just a struggle.
I don’t quite “feel” like putting forth the effort that it is going to take to complete my trek. But I do it anyway because I never regret it.
Something magical happens about half-way into my hikes – like EVERY single time. I get a second wind. So much so, that it makes me conveniently forget any previous hesitations and exhaustion I thought that I had.
That got me to thinking…this “second wind” thing is freakin’ awesome. I am glad that God programmed this into us.
It keeps us going even when we feel we don’t want to. It gives us strength when we feel defeated. It puts the wind back into our sails. The skip back in our step. The bounce back in our badonkadonk. 
In life, just like in my hiking experience, we get to venture into many second wind situations. They remind us to keep going. Do the hard thing. Don’t give up. Push through. Proceed with life with renewed vigor cause you got this! 
God has equipped you with the strength to press on. SO PRESS ON! 
You’ll get your second wind.

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