You never know…

The sun was shining. It was one of those “not one cloud in the sky” days. We just finished a semi-long but very challenging hike up Cathedral Rock and then down to the river off off the Templeton Trail. We sat on a large rock by the water and ate salami sandwich rollups I made that morning. The sunshine…the sound of the water, birds and people all around us. It was glorious.
I even found myself tearing up a time or two because I was just so dang grateful for not only being able to do things physically, but to be able to do it with my very best friend – my hubby. It was truly one of those unforgettable days. Snapshots that I will remember as long as my mind lets me.
When we were done with the hike, we hopped into our Teryx (which we have aptly named, “Terry”) and turned the music on. The wind blew our sweaty wet hair and made it even more messy, but we didn’t care. As we were zipping down the road, both Mike and I started yelling, “Yeahhhhh!!! out of excitement in the cutesy baby voice we do a lot. We could hardly contain our joy, it just kept pouring over us.
At the stop light, Mike leaned over and said, “Did you ever think that in all of those years that you were coming to Sedona before me that one day you would be driving down the road with your husband in Terry the Teryx after hiking all day and you would be driving to the home you both own together in Sedona?” He gave me one of his big smiles.
I looked at him, smiled back, and said, “It was something I had dreamed of, but I thought that it would always just be a dream.”
Turned out it wasn’t. You never know where life is going to lead you. We can make all of the plans in the world and God will just shake His head and laugh at us sometimes. “I’ve got something SO MUCH better for you…just wait and see.”

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