There are certain people in this world that stand out as nothing short of extraordinary. It is not because of one single act or something largely spectacular that they once did, rather it is because of the culmination of the thousands of little things that they do every day.
These rare individuals are like angels on earth, who, when you meet them, you instantly feel the love and kindness pouring from them. A connection. A bond. You know that they are special because you feel it with every part of your heart – this person is remarkable.
One such person is Joshua. He works in our building. At first glance, he is an ordinary man, until you get the privilege of actually meeting and talking to him.
Within seconds, you can feel his gentle spirit and kind demeanor pour over you. He has taken the time to learn your name – as he does with everyone else in the building. He makes you feel special. 
When he asks you, “How are you today?” it is a genuine inquiry rather than a cursory question. You know that he truly cares how your day was and even worries a little when he hasn’t seen you for a few days. He does little things like pressing the elevator button for you and is always anticipating your need for help. He touches the lives of everyone he meets, by making them feel respected and significant.
He is thoughtful and giving with his words. His smile lights up a room and his pleasant presence cannot be denied.
He is the kind of man, who upon meeting him, reaffirms your belief that there are indeed angels on this earth. He is one of them.
Thank you, Joshua, for being a light in this world. May God continue to bless you.

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