You May Not Change the World, BUT You CAN Change a Life!

Not everyone can change the world, but ALL of us can help to change one life. 
You never know the impact of our words, your actions or your generosity can make in someone else’s life until you actually do it. Say or write those kind words of encouragement, those accolades and the positivity to those around you. Give that hug. Help someone in need. Give someone a chance. Donate generously, even when it hurts. Open your heart and listen to God’s nudges. Trust me, they are there. He has been and will continue to put it on your heart to make that call, do “that thing” or to pen those words. We just need to be still enough to listen.
I have learned that my God nudges come in the form of chills. I get a thought and then immediately I get the chills. This is my sign. I remember when this first started happening. Many times, I chose to ignore those pesky signs because the truth was that I didn’t feel like doing what I was being beckoned to do. It was too hard or I was too lazy. I wonder sometimes how much of an impact I could have made if only I had listened.
Listening, TRULY listening, can be a daunting task. Let’s be real here. It is even more difficult to listen when the signs and prompts come at inopportune times.  It is not a convenient time to listen to you right now, God. I know I am not the only one who experiences this. It is so easy to ignore His nudges when we are too busy or distracted with our passions and amusements with the material world that surrounds us.
Trust me when I say this: God talks to ALL of us! Yes – even you…every day. Yes, every single day. God speaks to us through signs, thoughts, interactions with people, signals, demonstrations of love and strong feelings indicating to do certain things. Like I said earlier, I get thoughts that won’t go away followed by chills and goosebumps. Sometimes, He smacks us on the side of the head. I have been there, too!
I can tell you countless stories of very successful people who were given that chance at some point early in their careers. A new suit bought for them when they had nothing. A word of encouragement that gave them the jumpstart to believe that they could really accomplish their goals. That hug that was given when they felt all alone. Rent that got paid for them before they were able to make ends meet. I could go on and on. The cool thing is that every single one of these people have continued to pay it forward in their lives by impacting and doing the same for others. That, my friends, is what God wants us to do. Make a difference in one person’s life and you will impact so many others exponentially.
The point is this: You have no idea how much you can impact the life of another, but God does. There are so many pivot points in everyone’s life, where one decision…one act…one word can change the course of their lives. When that happens, the future of so many others can be altered too…for generations. That blows my mind to think about such things. It is true though.
Let God work through you. Allow His thoughts to enter your mind and your heart. Let Him work His miracles through you and you will see that your efforts are contagious.
It is easy to give up on doing good because you don’t think that a small gesture can make a difference. You would be wrong though. You, my dear friend, have the ability to change the world one person at a time.

Thank you so much for reading today. I hope that I made you smile and think a little bit. To reach me, visit

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