You Have to be Tested in Order to Have a Testimony

I’m good God. Really. I don’t need another test…I have plenty of testimonies. I actually said those words a few years back while I was fighting for my life in the ICU. Obviously, I survived (unless I have become a ghost writer…ha ha ha. Sorry, I could not help it.) and I will tell you that I am a better person today because of what I have gone through. 

He brought me through some pretty rough shit and if I had the chance to change anything in my life, I certainly would not change my most difficult times. Although they absolutely sucked while I was going through them, I kept my faith and I kept Him close to me. And guess what? It was all for a purpose greater than I could ever imagine. His plans were better than mine could ever be.

When stuff happens, we think that we know better than God…especially when hardships come at the most inopportune times. Newsflash – there is really never a convenient time to have the shit hit the fan. It will just happen, and we must deal with it.When struggles hit your life, the ONLY choice you do have is how you react to it. You can be a victim, or you can be strong in God knowing that the Mighty Father will be there next to you fighting with you…if you let Him.


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