Trust Muscles

man holding barbell

The more you practice, the better you get. The more you work out those trust muscles, the stronger they’ll get.

Little steps – light weights at first to start. Begin with trusting God with whatever comes your way…those thousand little things that happen throughout your day, week, month or year. Every day, those trust muscles will get stronger and stronger.

You are getting them shredded and jacked…building muscle memory so that when something out of the ordinary happens – that “thing” that rocks your core and rattles your being – you are ready. ‘Cause you’ve been working those suckers out daily. You are on solid ground.

You might not understand it, but you trust that God will help bring you through your storm and realize that there is purpose for your suffering and hardship. Because you have been workin’ those trust muscles daily, the adversity becomes less troubling. You “get it”…God’s got your back. You’ve trusted Him in all of your moments.

Just think about what your life would be if you weren’t strong in Him. Your journey would surely be more difficult. When you are strong in Him, you become even stronger WITH Him.

Weak trust muscles turn you into a bitter victim of circumstance versus having the peace that comes from knowing that you are prepared for any battle because of your daily practice. A simple formula for you to remember: The more you trust, the more peace you will have in your life.

Every day, trust God – big things and small – ALL things. Trust that no matter the perils that come before you are all for a purpose greater than you can comprehend right now. One day though, you will see and you will smile…

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