I Don’t Have to Live Here Anymore

My random thought for today.

Indeed, good things come from bad things. It is the way that the world was designed.

The one I will speak about today is what I am calling, “The Great, I don’t have to freakin’ live here anymore!”

Covid forced us to work from home, so-much-so, that a lot of us realized that we don’t HAVE to live where we live anymore, just for a job. We could, in essence, keep doing what we are doing, but live somewhere better AND still make the same amount of money. We no longer had to put up with politics, the cold or the high cost of living just to keep the job that we have.

It sure did wake up a lot of people, didn’t it? I mean, why wouldn’t it? To take it one step further, we’ve grown so accustomed to working remotely, that if our employer tried to keep us in our same spots, we can easily find an employer who wouldn’t.

No longer do we have to live in a city with horrible traffic or in a place that didn’t align with our beliefs. We can just pack up and leave.

And this is what many did.

In my line of work, I see it every day. People are flocking to places like Texas.

There are a lot of areas that are going to get a wake up call. When people are rushing out of a city or state, it should send a giant alarm to the “powers that be” that it sucks living in that area.

I have a funny vision of the future America where hardly anyone lives up north or on the east and west coast, in huge cities or in places where the politicians have proven themselves to be dumb asses. I have seriously thought about this many times and it makes me laugh.

You never know. I can totally picture it, can’t you?

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