a person standing on the cliff

It takes courage to have courage. I know that what I just said may not seem like it makes sense, but it does take some guts to take that first step to unlock what is within you – THAT comes from having faith.

Courage does not come naturally even though it is within all of us. We just have to learn how to coax it out. When we do unleash this beautiful beast, there is no going back. With each courageous act, the realization of its power increases as we become more and more self-aware of the power that we’ve been given.

What is courage? It can be mental or physical.

  • Putting yourself out there
  • Not being afraid to fail
  • Having hard conversations
  • Loving someone
  • Letting someone go
  • Working through pain – mental and physical
  • Helping others
  • Having compassion
  • Firm determination
  • Confidence
  • Risking your life
  • Standing up for someone else or for yourself
  • Taking that first step to changing your situation
  • Asking for something with the possibility of being rejected
  • Being vulnerable

You get it.

Courage is being scared, but doing it anyway (without recklessness). Big acts or small, courage is listening to your intuition and opening your heart to what God invites you to do. You know that you might get hurt, but your faith helps you overpower your natural propensity to run the other way.

Verse after verse in the Bible, God call all of us to be courageous. He tells us that He is with us, so don’t be afraid. We win in the end, so it is going to be OK. Do it.

May you be strong today and have the bold determination backed by faith to do what scares you.


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