When Others Try and Harm You

Recently, I feeI like I have come under attack. This happens when you are living a life that the devil hates. The turd tries to send people in our lives or circumstances to happen to put doubt in our lives. To second guess ourselves. To be betrayed or hurt by another person.

My first inclination was to strike back. To be resentful. But, then I realized…

I must be doing something right. And then I smiled. I remembered that everything always works out the way that it was supposed to. The enemy is just trying to throw me off the path that I am on. I’m not letting him win. Neither should you when this happens.

As Christians, we are called to put our faith in God and trust that He will bring justice. We should not seek revenge when someone tries to hurt us or do us wrong, but instead respond with grace and mercy. This means praying for those who have wronged us, forgiving them unconditionally, and trusting that God will take care of the rest. It also means maintaining a positive attitude towards others even when they don’t deserve it – showing compassion and understanding despite what has been done against us.

When faced with harm from another person, it is important to remember that our response as Christians should be one of peace. We must strive to remain calm and never stoop down to their level by lashing out in anger or retribution. Instead, we should use this opportunity as an opportunity for spiritual growth; learning how better to love our enemies while still standing up for ourselves in respectful ways if needed. We can also turn the other cheek by offering kindness and forgiveness if appropriate–encouraging reconciliation whenever possible so that everyone involved can move forward peacefully together.

So let that be the lesson of today. Forgive. Don’t listen to the enemy. Trust God. It is that simple…even when you don’t think it is. It truly is.

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