Things We Can Control

Life can often be unpredictable and full of surprises. We strive to control our environment and the events in it, but there are some things that cannot be controlled no matter how hard we try. Despite this, these unexpected moments have the potential to teach us valuable lessons about life and ourselves—if we choose to accept them gracefully.

It is natural for us to want stability in our lives; we search for security and comfort through routines, patterns, and habits. But life isn’t always amicable with our desires – sometimes plans fail or circumstances change without warning. It’s important to remember that while certain aspects of life may remain beyond our control, other choices are still ours to make – how will you respond when faced with a challenge?

When facing adversity or uncertainty: stay positive! Give yourself permission to look on the bright side even during rough times! Remember that you don’t need all of the answers right away. That’s not how it works.

So, next time something happens outside of your control don’t let it discourage you – use it as an opportunity for growth! Being able to accept what lies beyond our power instills courage within us & allows us more space for contentment with what’s going well in life too – because after all… nothing is permanent!

Man makes plans, God laughs. Remember, we don’t run the show… but the picture above shows you what you CAN control. It’s so much more powerful…

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