Assets and Liabilities

Are your assets greater than your liabilities? Metaphorically speaking.

Definitely Assets ❤️

In life, just like finance, optimally, you want your assets to far outweigh your liabilities. We talk about this concept when it comes to wealth, but have you ever put your own self through this test?

Life assets are things like friends, family, good health and knowledge. Your register also has things like resources/wealth, self-awareness and emotions. They also include ambition and drive, creativity, resilience, and a positive outlook. Having an open mind to new ideas and experiences are also huge assets in life. You get the point.

On the flipside, our liabilities are things like fear, procrastination, and dishonesty or deception in relationships. Negative self talk, critical, thinking patterns, and not taking care of oneself mentally and physically also top that list.

By taking stock and recognizing both our own individual assets and liabilities in life, we can take steps towards building a strong foundation for ourselves, based on the former, while mitigating the effects of the latter.

By focusing our efforts on this, we are able to work towards living a more happy and fulfilled life that is full of joy and growth opportunities.

That is my thought for the day!

2 responses to “Assets and Liabilities”

  1. I am so honored to be part of this post, and to be considered an asset!

  2. Thank you as always Jen!!!

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