Discernment – Imagine a World if Everyone Actually Used Some… 🤔

It must be true because I saw it on the news. It’s true because I saw it on Facebook. Sean Penn (or insert whatever outspoken movie star comes to mind here) is speaking about this, he’s in movies, so he’s well-informed and he must be listened to.

You might be reading this and laughing to yourself… And it might be “funny” because it may not pertain to you, but you know that a large number of people throughout the world actually operate this way.

Vote this way. Teach their kids this way. Make decisions this way.

It’s scary stuff. Where, oh where did our discernment go?

First, some words from God on the matter of discernment…

The Bible speaks often about the importance of discerning wisdom. In Proverbs 3:21, it says “My son, do not lose sight of common sense and discernment; hang on to them.” The book of Hebrews 5:14 states that “But solid food is for mature people who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.” Additionally, 1 Corinthians 12:10 says “to another distinguishing between spirits, to another various kinds of tongues…” These passages make it clear that having a keen sense of judgment is important for life decisions as well as navigating spiritual matters.

God knew we were going to need some help. Oh, do we ever.

In this age of instant gratification, it can be hard to exercise discernment in decision-making. Everywhere we look on TV or through our internet, there are advertisements, news media and other “important” people that tell us how we should think and what choices to make. But is it really the right thing to do? Is following the herd really beneficial for us?

Use some discernment in your answer here.

Discernment is an important quality that many people don’t pay enough attention to nowadays. It involves taking a step back and examining the options available before making a decision by weighing all sides of an issue. This doesn’t mean simply going along with whatever everyone else is doing; rather, it requires utilizing logic and reasoning skills in order to consider each side of an argument objectively. Without exercising proper discernment when making decisions, people often find themselves regretting their choice later on down the line.

The world would be much better off if more individuals were aware of their own capacity for discernment and chose paths based on careful consideration rather than blindly following others’ opinions or whimsical desires without giving them due thought first. We all have different ideas about life, but ultimately need to take responsibility for our own actions and decisions. If we don’t, they cause long term repercussions which could have been avoided had these matters been given proper weight beforehand instead of being taken lightly at face value just because someone else said so too – no matter how influential they might be!

Just look at where we are now.

Practicing good judgement now will lead not only towards better results but also save time (and resources) wasted by picking rashly made choices which usually end up being wrong anyway…

So, today I task you to spread the word of discernment. Examine everything. Form your own opinions. Come to your own conclusions instead of just blindly believing what “they” want you to think.


Think on your own.

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