My Morning Routine and Why Getting Up Early Can Change Your Life

I wake up at 4:14 to 4:30 every weekday morning for 2 very simple reasons: My well-being and my health. While getting my butt up this early really sucks sometimes, I would not give it up for pretty much anything (unless there is some emergency or I am sick or something). On the weekends, I have the same routine, but I just start a little later.

I get up, I make my delicious better than SBux coffee and I sit my but down on my chair in the living room with all of my books and sometimes my laptop (like this morning). First book is typically my gratitude journal where I write down 3 things that I am grateful for. My only rule is that they have to be different each day and they have to be specific. Like one of today’s was: I am thankful for how adorable my mother is. Her antics are so precious and she makes me smile every day.

Next books are my 2 different Jesus Calling Books and maybe a chapter out of whatever other book I have decided to read. Then my prayer journal where I just write out different things that I am thinking or want to talk to God about.

Then sometimes I just sit and be still. I pray. I talk to God. I meditate. Sometimes I pull out my laptop and write in here about something I want to say or a story I want to tell.

Then it is workout time. I got smart about 10 years ago and put a gym into every home I bought. My gym now is upstairs. I have truly made it look like a gym with mirrors on the walls…Peleton, treadmill, free weights, smith machine. dry sauna…you name it, I have it in my own gym. I don’t have to give a crap what I look like or how I am wearing. It was definitely one of the best things that I have done and a huge part of my life. Having one in my house makes me have zero excuses for not working out. I work out for typically 1-1.5 hours at least 5 days a week.

Then I take a shower and get ready for work. I take my time. I will probably make a protein shake. Nothing is rushed. When I get to work, I am not frazzled and frantic. I am ready to go. I mean heck…I’ve already accomplished so much just in the morning.

When I work, I am super laser-focused. The “work Jen” comes out to play. No messing around. I work. I am deliberate and focused.

Then when I am home, I am home. Unless there is something crazy happening, I am no longer working. I can relax and spend time with those that I love…or I can just sit and chill by myself. Either way I am good. Point being: I am done with the day. There is nothing else I have to do. All because I got up early and balanced my day.

I have been doing this for many many years now and quite honestly, I cannot even imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t have this structure. Chaos. More stress. Disorganization. Bleck! No thank you.

Long ago, I lived in a world where I slept in…woke up at the last minute. Rushed to get ready for work…and was disorganized and not deliberate with how I spent my time. Everything else in my life was like that too. No clear direction. I was just a robot. Unhealthy both physically, mentally and spiritually.

Once I began getting up early and focusing on both my mental and physical health, my whole life changed. My career skyrocketed. My level of stress went down. My level of happiness and clarity went up. Way up.


This thing makes the BEST espresso, lungo, flat white, latte…whatever! Love it!

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