My Sweet Sweet Love

“Baby, I know that this is not what you signed up for when you met me.” I said as he carried me up the stairs. He was taking care of me once again and he was secretly loving every moment of it. I smiled because I knew that everything was going to be ok.
“Jennifer, my love, this is EXACTLY what I signed up for…” he said as he looked into my eyes. “I would not change one single thing.” Sweat ran down his smiling face. 
It took me 44 years to find my one. It has been a long journey filled with many bumps (and some bad crashes LOL) along the way when it came to the men in my life. There was always something missing and I settled in relationships that just weren’t right. I could not fathom the love that I was capable of until I met the man who made every other man from my past irrelevant. My one.

We knew immediately that there was something very special between us. Something beautiful. Something that we had both dreamed of existing, but never thought that we would be able to experience…until the day we met. 
A mutual positive antibody testing and COVID scare “forced” (we happily volunteered, actually) us to quarantine together while we waited for our tests to come back. They became some of the best 5 days of my life. His too. Our first “date” out somewhere was us picking up sushi and putting blankets in the back of his truck while we looked at the San Antonio skyline from atop a hill. From day 1, we have spent every day and night with each other. Neither of us could imagine a day without the other. 
We have laughed and cried. Rejoiced and prayed. Shared and confessed. Smiled and professed. Just thinking about him and the love I have for him makes me cry sometimes. Yeah, it is like that. Deep, deep love and respect for each other. No judgment. Love for who we are…past, present and future.
I look forward to everything with him. Everything. My love and my future husband.
I smile when I think of the world we have before us and the experiences we will have together. Part of me wishes I could have met you earlier so that I could love you longer, but I know that it happened when it was supposed to. We weren’t ready. 
We are now.
May God continue to bless us. May we be strong for You. Warriors.
May we be good stewards for you, God.
May we be lights in this world, as one.

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