Taken yesterday at La Cantera – God is talking to me and I am listening.

I always say that butterflies are God’s way of telling me, “Hi! Everything is going to be all right, but prepare for change. It is going to be beautiful when you are done.” I swear, every time I start to see a lot of them, I am going through some sort of cocooning period. They start showing up everywhere in my life and they make me smile. Thank you for the reminder, Jesus.
Butterflies are evidence of what happens when you emerge out of the cocoon that you are in. All of that ugliness in the beginning was worth it when you realize that the tough times you are going through are for something far greater and better than you could have ever imagined.
You have to look at it this way: When you are going through tough times, God envelops you with His most loving arms – if you let Him. He shields you and protects you, just like a cocoon. He stays with you while you are going through your metamorphosis because He sees what you will become when your storm is complete.
When it is time for you to emerge, He sets you free and gives you a little push. It’s okay now. One day, you will look in a mirror and you won’t even recognize the person you once were. The you before your transformation is no longer, for you will have become a beautiful butterfly.
Trust the pause you are in and embrace the cocoon. Cause you know what happens next!!
It was all worth it. Thank you, Father. I get it now. Thank you for keeping me safe.

Thank you so much for reading today. I hope that I made you smile and think a little bit. To reach me, visit SALending.com

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