Everything is the Same, Until One Day it is Not.

One of those “memory” albums popped up on my phone a few weeks ago. It was a memory from 2020. Fourth of July picnic at my cousin’s house.

I wasn’t there – they were pictures that my father had sent to me. Looking at them made me pause for a bit and then immediately think that life is so precious. Why would anyone waste it? Why do we worry about the stuff that doesn’t matter?

There were pictures of my grandmother, just hanging out, smiling and laughing with everyone. In one of the pictures she was holding a crazy beautiful chicken and the look on her face was so funny. She was “normal “… not in a wheelchair, completely independent. Her mind was sharp. She was free.

Her sister was alive and also laughing with the family. She was sitting next to my grandmother, and they looked so beautiful and healthy.

One of my cousins who has recently just passed, was also there, and he was smiling along with everyone else.

So many things were so good and so different, I wonder if they appreciated and enjoyed that precious time they had together. I wonder if any of them could imagine how vastly different life would be just a few short years later.

I’ve had this image in my head for the past few weeks… Everything is the same until one day it is not.

Let this be your gentle reminder today to enjoy those times with your family and the ones that you love. They are to be cherished. 💜💜💜💜💕


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